KAMBARA LOGISTICS Fukuyama Distribution Center

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The KAMBARA LOGISTICS Fukuyama Distribution Center, located adjacent to the Port of Fukuyama International Container Terminal, has served as the Bingo region’s distribution hub for overseas commerce since commencing operations in 2006. Utilizing the enormous rooftops of the warehouses, 400kW solar panels were installed here in 2011. By using the electricity generated by these panels to power the lighting and air conditioning within the warehouses, this distribution center has created “solar hybrid warehouses” that use natural energy in an effective manner. With the additional installment of 1,608kW solar panels (“mega-solar”) in 2015, the distribution center is contributing to a low-carbon society by supplying electric power through renewable energies.

Tour information

Facility name
KAMBARA LOGISTICS Fukuyama Distribution Center 
For tour inquiries, please contact
Telephone number
Email address
Tour capacity
Maximum 20 people per group. * Generally, only groups are allowed to tour this facility. 
Available tour days/times
Monday through Friday, 8:00 to 17:00 / Tours are unavailable on Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, the Obon holidays, and the New Year’s holiday period 
Available parking
Several parking spaces available for large and passenger cars. 
Tour duration / Typical tour course
Maximum of 20 minutes. At the “Energy Monitor,” located at the entrance to the KAMBARA LOGISTICS Fukuyama Distribution Center, tour participants will receive an explanation of solar power generation equipment as well as see the status of the solar power generation (approximately 10 minutes). If entrance is allowed into the adjacent container terminal, then tours of the facility is possible as well (approximately 10 minutes). 
Reservation information
Reservations required / As this is a bonded (customs-controlled) warehouse, tours can only be conducted through negotiations and coordination done in advance. 
Reservations accepted
8:00 to 17:00 (weekdays only) 
Other / Notes
As this is a bonded (customs-controlled) warehouse/international port facility, information on participants (name, professional affiliation, etc.) must be submitted in advance. Souvenirs such as a “1/150 scale container trailer mini-car” are available.